Always good with his hands, Tim Garcia grew up with a joy of building things. He started
in the fencing business straight out of high school when he went to work for a family-operated fencing company. But not only did he have the desire to do good work, he yearned to be on his own so he follwed his vision of starting his own business.

To make certain FencePro is up on the latest developments Tim attend trade shows and study and adopt contemporary materials, designs and methods. This is a thriving yet small business.

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"They were very efficient, they knew what they were doing. They put up half a fence in a day, they cleaned up after themselves, they left the site beautiful, and they put up a quality fence. I've recommended them to many neighbors."

"I liked that they discussed the job with us at all points, the fence was perfect."

"They showed up on time, they worked hard, and had some creative ideas that they shared with us. I was treated very well, and when strangers drive up and ask who did our fence, I always recommend them."

"They were fast, clean, they did the job they said they were going to do."

"They understand their work, and were able to cope with everything they needed to do. They know the business, they did it professionally, quickly and perfectly. We had some difficult obstacles, but they were cheerful about it. They were on time, and kept to their price."


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